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Tube Park

Operating hours for Summer

Dinner Plain Tube Park will operate from Thursday December 28th - Sunday December 31st 2017. The operating hours will be between 1pm - 5pm.


Great place for the family

Launch yourself down one of two tubing lanes and the tow will pull all the tubes back up to the top again. The tube lanes are elevated to an easy gradient which gather speed for a fun and exhilarating ride to the bottom where a ramp pulls you to a nice and easy stop. It's not too steep but not too slow. 

Tubing is easy and safe. Kids must be 4 years or older and must be at least 100cm tall to ride.

Tubing session $10 per person                                   

*Tickets available from the Tube Park ticket office located in Dinner Plain. Cash only.














Page updated: 20/10/17