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Alpine Trail Running


Hotham Tracks & Trails - Trail Running

Every year, Mt Hotham Track Crew work hard to prepare Hotham’s iconic tracks and trails for the summer bushwalking season. All tracks and trails are open with the addition of several link tracks which provides greater versatility of routes for wakers.

Track surfaces are levelled and encroaching vegetation is removed.  The installation of steps and placement of more track marker posts has further made the tracks and trails safer for everyone to use.  Hotham is rapidly becoming a premier alpine bushwalking destination. 

The Cobungra Ditch is set to become one of the alpine regions premier historic trail running routes.  With runners able to keep fit for over 10km of level track at an elevation of just over 1500m.  Whilst taking in all that fresh air, runners will also be able to absorb some of the fascinating mining history of the Ditch.

Other options for trail runners using the Ditch will be able to link onto a number of other tracks, including the Hotham to Dinner Plain trail, giving access to nearly 30 kilometres of forested trails.

Download the Hotham & Dinner Plain Trails Guide to plan your own route.


Events - Summer 2017/2018


Dinner Plain Mile High Trail Run 

Saturday, 18 November 2017

A great opportunity for a family weekend away.

Set in the picturesque alpine village of Dinner Plain at 1569 metres, the course takes in a range of run distances from entry level runners to the more experienced trail runner and offers an opportunity for mum, dad and the kids to get out and experience this pristine alpine environment.

Short course distance of 1km, 5km are great for the kids and those wanting to stretch their legs allowing scenic walking trails. For the more experienced, the 10km and 21km courses take in more challenging and historic runs through the Alpine National Park, Mt Hotham Village and the historic Cobungra Ditch.

Soak up the pristine alpine environment and challenge yourself to run at an altitude above 1,600 metres (one mile) and join the Dinner Plain Mile High club.

“The alps offer a different environment for runners, not only is the air thinner at a mile high but the water is fresher and temperatures cooler”, said Gary Battershill, owner Peppers Rundells Alpine Lodge.

“Runners will certainly have to work a bit harder to join the mile high club.”

Join in all the fun and compete in both the Dinner Plain Mile High Trail Run and Australia’s highest road half marathon and 10km fun run – the Great Alpine Road. Fun running for all the family.

Registration: Dinner Plain Hut, BBQ area from 8:30 A.M. – 9:30 A.M., for registration and collection of race bibs and advice on carrying bad weather gear.

Pre event briefing/dinner: Hotel High Plains on Friday night at 8:00 P.M

Age limit:

  • 6 years of age on race day to compete in the 5/10 km
  • 16 years of age on race day to compete in the 21 km

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True Spirit of Alpine Australia 

Saturday, 18 November - Sunday, 19 November 2017

The True Spirit of Alpine Australia and the Dinner Plain Mile High Trail Run is part of the 2017 Alpine Running Festival. Saturday evening will see contestants run in a series of twilight runs, ranging in distance between 3.5 km to 10km in the vicinity of the Mount Hotham Village. Great event for the kids!

Sunday will test your fitness with a range of more difficult runs which range in distance between 25km to 40km trail runs. Gear up and get ready for a weekend of alpine trail running and take in the spectacular views with family and friends!


Alpine Challenge 60km, 100km or 160km

Saturday, 25 November – Monday, 27 November 2017

The Alpine Challenge is without doubt the toughest, most challenging, most spectacular and rewarding mountain trail run in Australia—if not the southern hemisphere over four distances. The 100 mile (160 km) course takes in 6 major climbs with 7,600 m of ascent and descent including Mt Feathertop, Mt Hotham, Mt McKay, Spion Kopje, Mt Nelse and Victoria’s highest mountain, Mt Bogong plus five river crossings. The 100 km involves over 4,000 m of ascent and descent and the 60 km course over 2,000 m of ascent and descent, whilst for those undertaking the 36 km run you will have over 1,300 m of ascent; testing runners to the limit.

Set in the spectacular Alpine National Park in north eastern Victoria the event takes in some of the best, hardest and most exposed High Country in Australia, including Mt Feathertop, Mt Hotham, The Fainters, Spione Kopje, Mt Nelse and Victoria’s highest mountain, Mt Bogong.

In 2006, in what was planned to be the inaugural event, four experienced runners attempted to run the course but were stopped by unseasonal snow. Running in pairs, two runners pulled out at Mt Nelse after taking 17.5 hours to complete 60km and two other runners turned back at 3am in calf deep snow and white out conditions on the approach to Mt Bogong. In 2007, the run was cancelled due to bushfires and it was only in 2008, that the course was completed with three out of five runners completing the distance in 42 hours in perfect conditions.

Records tumbled in 2009 with a new men’s record of 32.45 hours and a new record of 36 hours for the first female to finish the event. In 2010 there were 62 starters including 3 large corporate teams. A new course record of 27 hours was set for the men’s 100 mile and 34.47 hours for the women’s event. 2011 saw a reduction in team entries but solid support from the ultra community with a quality field of 31 starters and 21 finishers – a dropout rate of 34%, indicating the toughness of the course and the toll that runners take from injury, exhaustion and dehydration. Records tumbled in 2012 in perfect but cold and windy running conditions – sub zero at night to 25.19 hours, but at a cost; 45% of the 100 mile solo field DNF’d in their chosen event.

If you’re looking for something different, if you want a fantastic run or tough walking against the clock, great scenery, unpredictable weather and to push yourself to the limits, the Alpine Challenge is for you.

This is a mutual support event; it is not a race in the traditional sense. For safety reasons all participants must offer assistance to others in distress. Participants are responsible for their own safety and assume full liability for their participation.

The event offers a range of challenges over the 160km, 100km or 60km distances – all challenges must be completed within 44/36 hours:
• Alpine Skyrun – an endurance challenge for individual runners
• Alpine Challenge – an individual/team endurance event running/walking either solo or in teams of 2 or more
• Relay Challenge – generally travelling in pairs, up to 8 runners/walkers in a relay team
• Alpine Experience – a 60km introductory option over 2 days for runners / walkers.

Note: All participants must carry mandatory safety gear.

The 100 mile course is an arduous course with 6 major climbs that take a cumulative toll. The event takes place in an exposed Alpine environment that participants continue to underestimate, to their peril, as demonstrated by the high DNF rate. It is subject to sudden and severe changes in weather; hot sunny days as well as rain, fog, high winds, sleet and snow can occur.

The Alpine Challenge should only be attempted by experienced trail runners/walkers with good navigation experience. As a minimum, solo endurance runners attempting the course must have successfully completed at least one organised trail ultra marathon or 8+ hour rogaine in the previous 6 months, and both runners and walkers must have extensive bush walking experience and navigation experience. All participants including relay team members must have experience in running/walking trails and experience in walking/running in cold climate conditions and navigating at night and in adverse conditions.

Click link to see the Alpine Trail Handbook: 

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Razorback Run 22km, 40km or 64km

Saturday, 17 March 2017

This classic Alpine run offers three challenging distances in some of the most spectacular country in Victoria’s Alpine National Park. The 64 km Razorback Ridge run takes in the entire length of the Razorback to offer some of the most stunning ridge running and scenery in the Australian Alps, the 40 km Razorback Circuit and the 22 km short course Razorback Ridge—a delightful day out up to the Summit of Mt Feathertop and back along the Razorback.

Set in the heart of Victoria’s high country, the Razorback Run is one of the most amazing high altitude runs that Australia has to offer.

Razorback Ridge/High Plains Run: 64km of pure Alpine pleasure and pain with stunning scenery. This is the most stunning and spectacular run of its kind in Victoria and the culmination of over 10 years route planning – a must for the hardened runner.

Razorback Circuit: 40km - a great run up Bungalow Spur, across the Razorback to Diamantina Hut & back down Bon Accord Spur to Harrietville.

Razorback Ridge: 22km - an out-and-back run across the Razorback to Mt Feathertop from Diamantina Hut.

Experience the thrill of running to the summit of Mt Feathertop, Victoria’s second highest peak and Australia’s only real mountain and enjoy stunning views of the high country from the summit, the high plains Swindlers Spur and the Razorback – weather permitting.

Registration: From 04:00 P.M. Friday at the Caravan Park

Pre event briefing/dinner: Harrietville Hotel Motel (bottom pub near the bridge) 8:30 P.M. Friday 16 March.

*This is a mandatory briefing and participants should bring their running kit for checking

Presentations/post run dinner: Snowline Hotel (top pub) 07:00 P.M. Saturday 17 March.


The Razorback Run is a totally self supported run, it is not a race in the true sense of the word. Runners are fully responsible for their own safety and assume full liability for their participation. Participants should offer assistance to other runners in distress and must give way to walkers, especially on the Razorback track.
No support personnel or equipment is available other than start / finish at Harrietville Caravan Park, Diamantina Hut and at Pole 333, unless runners bring their own support crew. The 64km run covers an arduous course with three major climbs that take a cumulative toll.
Water is available from rivers and a spring along the course and it is recommended by Parks Victoria that this be treated, a supply if water and refreshments is also available at Diamantina Hut.
Marshalls will record runners times at race headquarters at the Harrietville Caravan Park and at Pole 333 and Diamantina Hut. Runners must log in as a safety check.

Weather Conditions/Experience
The run takes place in an exposed Alpine environment that can be subject to sudden and severe changes in weather. Rain, fog, high winds, sleet and snow as well as hot sunny days can occur during March. Hypothermia is a serious risk and all runners should be prepared for any weather conditions.
The Razorback Runs, with the exception of the 22km distance, should only be attempted by experienced trail runners with good navigation experience. As a minimum, runners attempting the 64km course must have successfully completed at least one 30km organised trail run in the previous six months.

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