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Blizzard Brewery Dinner Plain

Blizzard Brewing Company founder Mark Hubbard hails from the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, where there is a strong craft beer tradition and a long history of breweries being located at altitude in ski resorts.As a passionate skier, hiker and cyclist, Mark was drawn to the High Country of North East Victoria, where the only thing needed to make the Alpine experience complete was a brewery above the snowline. So Blizzard Brewing was born to bring that particular aspect of the Rocky Mountain Alpine experience to the Victorian Alps. 

There is another reason for situating a craft brewery in Victoria's High Country - The Water. At Blizzard, Today's Powder is Tomorrow's Beer. Basically, we brew with snow-melt. Fresh, pure Victorian Alps spring water, sourced from the high altitude aquifers of Dinner Plain.

So come into the brewery to enjoy the Beer From Up Here. Whether in the Lift Line Tap Room, The Mile High Beer Lounge or the Overlook Tasting Deck, we offer you Hand Made Craft Beer on Tap, Tasting Paddles, Brewery Tours, Package Sales, Local Wines, Growlers, Snacks and Fun!

We are an authentic experience. 100% of our beer is hand made in-house at our single venue, by staff who are passionate about what they do, working for an independently owned family business.

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Phone:  0447 847 029



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Location: 5 Cattle Pen Drive Dinner Plain