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Cheese + Crackered Night Rail Jam

Here it is; the details for this weeks feast! fun night in the Basin Rail Park - spectate from Swindlers balcony and then get your groove on the dancwfloor with DJ Tender from 9pm.

Pre Registrations at Guest Services or the Boardbox @ Hotham Central or via email or Fax before 1pm Friday July 17 @ $15. Bib pick  up and Final registrations (at an increase fee of $25) between 3 and 4pm on Saturday 18th July at Hotham Central Lift Ticket area OR Register for ‘A La Carte in the Park’ – Hotham Park Series for $120 (not available for this event after 1pm Friday July 17th).

Warm up from 5- 5.30pm Event starts at 6pm After party @ Swindlers with DJ Tender  Helmets are compulsory for all competitors!



Registration Forms and Results Below:

PDFEntry_Form_09_-_Adult3.pdf (181 KB)

PDFEntry_Form_09_-_Child4.pdf (225 KB)

PDFResults_tally.pdf (34 KB)