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Aug 14

Written by: DJEddy
Wednesday, August 14, 2013 

The last cuppla weeks have been Heavanly for snowfreaks, intense storms keep tracking in then sun for a cuppla dayz so you can get rad and everyone can see how rad you are [which is important] now comes a power storm cold brutal and strong just how we love em at Hotham, the weekend looks wild with big snow parties and cold dayz which hold the snow just how i like it , the Blue Ribbon stashes have been deep and fluffed so get in there, the peach bowl and Marys have also been wild with max accumulation and steep pitch, when it gets deep you need steep and at Hotham we got the pitch that gives max acceleration and full pleasure on a pow day, Monday the 19th its gunna be deep and bloody and i dont mean from ski injuries, its DJ EDDY v,s THE HOTHAM ZOMBIES it can only happen as the snow gets deep this stirs the alpine zombies and they come out to eat my flesh, if you wanna get buck wild its goin down at the GENERAL monday night [ if you dont have any blood we got a blood painter who can get you in style ], sat night is the HOTHAM SKI PATROL BIG GIG which ill be attending its a fundraiser so ski patrol vollys can afford to look after you guys when you get busted up doin flips and hits, we got an auction with Philip island raconteur and skier Greg Price who will auction the goods and ill rev you up for max fun, we got bands playin downstairs and soul mammas up stairs for a funk get down and shake time , lotsa other rad things goin down so come up to the Hotham cathedral and get DEEP .LOVE DJ EDDY


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