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Jun 15

Written by: DJEddy
Wednesday, June 15, 2011 

Ahoy snowfreaks, you know when i walk from my slopeside spa to glide the first turns of the season i can become over exited, and one of the most exiting sounds a snowfreak can hear is the "SQUEAK", the boot makes as the tip of it enters the dry snow, its like the tingle a skater gets when they hear a skater truck grinding on concrete, or a latt'e addicts when they hear the milk frothing up in the stainless jug, or maybe a snowboarder arcing the ratchet on there binders, they are all horney sounds that get the viagra pumping around the veins, and on the weekend i had that "squeak squeak squeak " of the feet feet feet walkin across to the sun run , clicked in and got some rad speed groomers down the sun run, chalky and fast it was sure givin me a tingle, then i lobbed down to dinner plain and dj,ed for the" cilantro movida frank cammora djeddy night" big food and fun down there, then spun the jag back to hotham for my show at club general store sunday night , thanks to all you nutcakes for dancin down and gettin radical with me, the heat was high on the dance surface and many had burned up the highways or run from there accom to come out and spin on the d,floor with me, so Mt hotham big love to you for givin us some squeaks for opening weekend, see you fruitys next monday for some more dance floor squeaks , LOVE AND SNOW STORMS DJ, EDDY. p.s 25 cms of fresh flying in monday so we can "GET OUR SQEAK ON "


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