Mount Hotham

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Hotham has extensive snowmaking to ensure you have a great holiday!

Hotham has 25 hectares of terrain serviced by a network of 82 high-output fan snowguns, to be updated for season 2017.

See Hotham's $4.4 million snowmaking expansion for 2016

The increased snowmaking in Canyon, Lower Imagine and on the Summit will give Hotham 33 hectares of snowmaking serviced by 100 guns ready for season 2017.

With expanded snowmaking increasing the chance of reliable snow conditions, you can book earlier with confidence knowing you can ride and ski more of Hotham's terrain more often and that's backed by our snow guarantee.

In 2013, Hotham was chosen for the first trial of new Techno Alpin TF10 snowguns technology in the Southern Hemisphere. The trial proved to be a successful with the TF10 operating at an increased productivity rate of 20% in comparison to the large guns already in use, the T60s.

Our snowmaking system utilises recycled water from the Hotham Village water treatment plant.