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Waste Management

The Board works in partnership with NevRwaste and the community to actively promote and reduce solid waste within the resort and implement best practice management techniques.  An active recycling program has seen the amount of collected compacted recyclables double between 2002 and 2010. The Board collects waste and recycling throughout the resort.  Several recycling programs help reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill at Cobungra.  When disposing of your rubbish please follow the following guidelines:

  • The Board provides black and clear rubbish bags for waste.  General waste is disposed of into black plastic bags and recyclables into clear plastic bags.  Please contact the RMB office on 03 5759 3550 if you require a supply of bags.
  • Bags must be double knotted, cardboard flat and tied and disposed of in designated garbage hutch within the village.
  • Please think of OH&S and DO NOT make bags to heavy for our garbage collection staff to lift.
  • Please Note: paint cans, building materials, whitegoods and furniture cannot be collected.  You will need to arrange transportation of such waste to suitable tip sites at Omeo or Bright.

The “Living Bin” Recycling Food Waste Program

Mount Hotham offers organics recycling across the resort. 50% of waste from the resort is food waste.  Organics in landfill rot and release harmful methane gases contributing to climate change. Lodges, Commerical operators and othere stakeholders throughout the resort can recycled food waste to a processing facility in Wodonga that recycles the waste into rich organic compost. Food waste that can be recycled can be anything deemed “once alive” for example left overs, cooked or uncooked foods, shells, peels, paper plates and coffee grinds.  For more information on the program visit the NevRwaste website.

Litter and 'Butt Bin' Programs

The Board has an ongoing commitment to protect the alpine environment and the catchment areas fed by melting snows. Staff conduct a regular roadside litter collection during the winter months and distributing free personal “butt bins” to encourage responsible disposal of cigarette butts. Cigarette butts are a substantial threat to our pristine natural environment and quality of our waterways. While public rubbish, recycling and cigarette butt bins generate considerable litter, significant amounts are still collected from car parks and roadside areas.  If you are visiting our resort please remember to dispose of your litter responsibly.  Bins are located at the top of most chairlifts and throughout the village.