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Planning & Development

 DPCD and Alpine Planning Scheme

The sensitive nature of the alpine environment means that planning and development must be undertaken in a manner that ensures the natural environment of the Resort and surrounding areas are protected and enhanced.  Planning at Mount Hotham is governed by the Alpine Resorts Planning Scheme. This scheme outlines a framework under which the protection and management of significant environmental features and ecosystems can be balanced with the sustainable use and development of alpine resorts. The Scheme defines public use, public park, recreation, road and comprehensive development zones, as well as environmental significance and heritage overlays within the Resort. The Alpine Resorts Planning Scheme is administered by the Alpine Planning Team, located within the Department of Planning and Community Development, on behalf of the Minister for Planning. The Mount Hotham Resort Management Board acts as a referral authority for planning permits received by the Department of Planning and Community Development.  For more information is available through the Alpine Planning Information Kit. 

Site Environmental Management Plans (SEMP) and Environmental Management Guidelines

A key part of the planning process is the preparation of a Site Environment Management Plan (SEMP) for all developments within the Resort. The SEMP must be submitted with all planning permit applications and should document the potential environmental impacts of a proposed use and/or development and detail the appropriate management processes for use during construction and rehabilitation of the site. A template for developing a SEMP is included in the Alpine Planning Information Kit. The Resort Management Board has also developed specific Environmental Management Guidelines for construction within the Resort. The guidelines outline the key factors required for successful site management and rehabilitation.

Native Vegetation Framework and Offsets

The Mount Hotham Resort Management Board is responsible for several offset sites within the resort.  If your planning a development that requires removal and offset of native vegetation within the resort and would like assistance please contact the Board to discuss on 03 5759 3550.