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Pets within the Resort

No cats are permitted within the resort or the surrounding national park.  Domestic dogs are permitted within the Resort provided they are registered with the Mount Hotham Resort Management Board.

Dog registrations are available to permanent residents of the resort only.  Dogs are not permitted within the surrounding Alpine National Park.  Please contact the Resort Management Board office for further information on registering your dog.


**Unfettered access by animals can result in risks to the public, hygiene risks, adverse aesthetics, danger to wildlife and the disruption of ecosystems.  For these reasons the underlying intent of the Alpine Resorts (Management) Regulations 2009 - regulation 45 is to allow for the Board to set requirements for the Conditions of Authority to best manage and mitigate the negative impacts of dogs in the Resort.  Once dogs are registered, notification letters and maps are sent to owners regarding the ongoing fox baiting program within the Mount Hotham Alpine Resort.**

Regulation 45 of the Alpine Resorts (Management) Regulations 2009 outlines the penalties associated with the disregard of these regulations.






PDFNotification fox baiting program (60 KB)