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Carbon Management & Energy Efficency

 The Mount Hotham Resort Management has 25 electricity accounts across the resort for various operations.  The Board conducts regular audits on usage and costs and is looking for ways to improve efficency.  Between 2011 and 2012 the Board reduced electricity consumption within the Administation Building by over 30 per cent.  During the 2011-12 reporting period the Mount Hotham Resort Management Board emitted 1740 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions from electricity, diesel, unleaded petrol and LPGas consumption.  This was in comparison to 1906.8 tonnes in 2010-11.

The Board is currently investigating alternative energy production and has completed a wind power feasibility study.  A small hydro generation plant is proposed for a drainage upgrade project within Swindlers Creek.  Many stakeholders across the resort have completed cleaner energy projects.  The Hotham Ski Association coordinated the installation of solar panels on several ski lodges within the Davenport area with great success.  B'rush Ski Club installed Ground Sourced Heat Pump technology, the system is much like a reverse cycle air conditioner. The major difference is that instead of using the outside air to provide the energy the GSHPs extract renewable heat from the ground via a system of bores drilled into the earth. These bores carry a refrigerant loop that extracts ground heat, transporting it into the building. This solution will provide both heating for the building, via floor heating and radiator panels, as well as hot water for 40 guests.