Mount Hotham

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Head Chef - Arlberg Hotham

Head Chef - Arlberg Hotham

We are seeking a Head Chef for the upcoming 2017 season, responsible for ensuring that the standard and quality of the food production and the hygiene within the department is maintained at the highest level at all times. This role is very much hands-on, requiring attention to detail and a positive work attitude. Must have experience with turning over large groups for breakfast and dinner whilst taking orders from the general public.

Responsible to: General Manager

Main Tasks:

1. Supervise the preparation of all food

  • Ensure all food is prepared as per food preparation requirements
  • Ensure meals are produced on time, and sufficient quantities are available for the various areas
  • Maintain stock levels of all kitchen supplies - this includes ordering direct from suppliers
  • Available for functions as they arise to ensure that the food is prepared and served as required

2. Oversee and supervise all kitchen staff 

  • Ensure all staff are aware of their duties and what is expected of them 
  • Delegate duties to kitchen staff as per the menu requirements
  • Oversee and monitor the work of kitchen staff to ensure all tasks are done as required
  • Give staff feedback on their performance to enable staff development
  • Ensure any staffing issues are resolved fairly and quickly

3. Manage kitchen stocks

  • Ensure wastage is minimised by careful supervision of food preparation methods
  • Ensure proper hygienic storage methods are utilised to prevent food loss
  • Oversee the ordering and control of stock levels
  • Pay careful attention to the operating budgets of the department to ensure that costs are controlled to maintain the correct levels of spending

Skills and Abilities Required 

  • Qualified Chef
  • Experience and success in equivalent job role
  • Punctual, organised and trustworthy
  • Professional appearance
  • Ability to manage other people 
  • Ability to motivate staff 
  • Excellent communication skills 
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to resolve conflict in a constructive manner 
  • Ability to solve problems and think-on-your-feet 
  • Willingness to take initiative and make decisions 
  • Ability to delegate tasks effectively


Please send all applications attached with current resume to
or call Amelia - 0432 201 741