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Mount Hotham Resort Management Board (MHRMB)


Establishment of the Board

The Mount Hotham Alpine Resort Management Board is established by the Minister under Part 4 Section 34 of the Act. The inaugural Board officially took over control of the Resort on April 30, 1998. Prior to this all Alpine Resorts were managed collectively under the jurisdiction of the Alpine Resorts Commission. Board members are generally appointed for a maximum term of three years.

Functions of the Board

Section 38 of the Act specifies the functions of the Board:

  • to plan for the development, promotion, management and use, of each such alpine resort in accordance with the object of the Act
  • to develop and promote or facilitate the development or promotion by others of the use of each such alpine resort in accordance with the object of the Act;
  • to manage each such alpine resort in accordance with the object of the Act
  • to contribute to the development of the Alpine Resorts Strategic Plan and other strategic planning for alpine resorts as a whole;
  • to undertake research into alpine resort issues;
  • to contribute to and support the operation of the Council;
  • to prepare and implement a Strategic Management Plan for the resort
  • to expend or apply revenue of the Board in accordance with a direction of the Minister under section 36(1A).
  • to manage the Crown land in Mt Hotham by acting as a Committee of Management under the Crown Land (Reserves) Act 1978
  • to contribute, together with Tourism Victoria, established under the Tourism Victoria Act 1992, and the Council, to the overall promotion of Alpine Resorts
  • to develop a tourism and marketing strategy and to promote the Resort
  • to provide services in the nature of: garbage disposal, water supply, gas, drainage, sewerage, electricity, roads, fire protection, transport for the Resort and to charge user pays contributions for the provision of those services;
  • to collect fees prescribed by the regulations for the resort;
  • to attract investment for the improvement of the Resort and
  • to carry out any other function conferred on the Board by this or any other Act.

Nature and Scope of MHRMB Activities 

The scope of activities the Board facilitates is as follows:

Our Customer and Community Focus

Human resources, Resort Entry and visitors information, Ski Patrol and visitor safety, weather and snow reporting, snow play, cross country trails, traffic management, transport and snow clearing.

Our Year Round Resort

Visitor services, car parking, marketing, cultural heritage and product development.

Our Services

Asset management, water, sewerage, drainage, waste management, gas, land stability, capital works, plant/vehicles and workshop.

Our Developer Services

Resort master planning, property and leasing, property development, statutory planning and health.

Our Environment on the Ridge

Sustainability, environmental programs and Victorian Alps Nursery.

Our Strategic Partnerships

Business development and stakeholder communications.

Our Corporate Governance

Information technology, emergency management, risk management and statutory reporting.