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Environmental Protection Agency - Ecological Footprint

Dear Stakeholders

On the 29th April 2005 the Board and a number of staff and stakeholders attended the Alpine Resorts Sustainability Forum. The purpose of the Forum was to focus on the practical implementation of the concept of sustainability in alpine resorts. There were a number of excellent key speakers.

Mr Terry A’Hearn, Director Sustainable Development, Environmental Protection Agency provided the Forum with a number of case studies on the Ecological Footprint Model designed to measure ecological performance. These case studies can be found on the EPA website

The Board considered this model and given the State Government’s commitment to sustainability particularly in the alpine resorts, consequently adopted the model as the tool for assessing the overall environmental impact of operations at Mt Hotham.

Whilst the Board holds many of the opportunities within the resort for enhanced environmental management and minimal environmental impact, the Ecological Footprint concept invites all resort operators and visitors to participate in this objective.

Accordingly the Board would invite your company or organization to familiarize yourself with the Ecological Footprint Framework and engage with us in an ongoing partnership to reduce our environmental impact. It is proposed to co-ordinate a series of stakeholder forums to discuss the Framework and look at ways to achieve better environmental management overall and minimise the impacts of how we all do business at Mt Hotham.

More information on the Ecological Footprint concept can be found on the EPA website mentioned above. I look forward to us working together on this exciting opportunity.

Yours sincerely

Jim Atteridge

Chief Executive Officer