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Executive Briefing for Head Lessees 27 March 2007

Dear Lessees,

As you are aware, once a year head lessees are invited to an executive briefing at Holmesglen in Melbourne. The purpose of these briefings is to inform our key stakeholders of the Board’s activities over the previous twelve months and to foreshadow possible works and developments into the next twelve months.

The CEO of the Mt. Hotham Alpine Resort, Mr. Jim Atteridge, would like to invite representatives of each head lessee to an executive briefing to be held in Melbourne on the evening of 27th March 2007.  The specific topics to be presented and discussed will include: 

  • Water Trust Project
  • Amendment C-17 to Alpine Resorts Planning Scheme
  • Annual Report
  • Future Developments for Hotham Village Node
  • 2006 Season Resort Operations
  • The Board’s Key Performance Indicators
  • Resort Development 2006/07
  • Strategic Management Plan
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • Open Forum

Key resort management staff will be in attendance at the meeting to answer any questions from the floor. Every effort will be made to answer all questions from the floor on the night, however, we will take note of any questions that cannot be answered. 

The first part of the meeting, being presentations, will be kept to a minimum, so that there is plenty of time for the open forum. 

This briefing is for the benefit of head lessees only, and as such is not a public meeting.  Attendance is by invitation only. Consequently, it would be appreciated if you would nominate 2 representatives you would like to attend on your behalf and provide position held in your organisation and contact details for them (email preferred), by the 16th March 2007 to Liza Coventry, Office Coordinator (contact details below). Invitations, with the details of the venue, will be sent directly to them.

Please respond directly to:
Liza Coventry
Office Coordinator
ph: 03 5759 3550
fax: 03 5759 3693

Yours sincerely,

Jim Atteridge
Chief Executive Officer