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Keep Winter Cool

Keep Winter Cool

‘Keep Winter Cool’... what does it mean? Well, by simply reducing energy consumption, you help fight global warming, and therefore assist in the campaign to ‘Keep Winter Cool’.

Global warming is caused by a build up of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, the main contributor to greenhouse gases is carbon dioxide, and most carbon dioxide is produced by burning fossil fuels, such as oil and coal, in the generation of power.

So if we want our grandchildren to enjoy the snow and our unique alpine environment, all snowsports enthusiasts are encouraged to do everything they can to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reduce the impact of global warming.

Here are 10 simple ways to help ‘Keep Winter Cool’:

  1. Reduce energy used for transport
    Share a ride or take a bus to the snow and to work
  2. Turn off lights and appliances when at home or on holiday
    It is best to turn them off at the powerpoint
  3. Purchase energy efficient appliances
    Choose the highest energy-efficient star-rating and use compact fluorescent lights
  4. Insulate your house or lodge
    And turn down the thermostat and use draught stoppers
  5. Cut hot water consumption
    Wash clothes in cold water, fit water-efficient shower heads, and install a solar water heater
  6. Eco-buy
    Purchase greenhouse friendly products from local sources
  7. Support renewable energy sources
    Switch to Green Power with your electricity supplier
  8. Plant a tree
    Trees take up carbon dioxide from the atmosphere
  9. Reduce, reuse and recycle
    Reducing waste reduces landfill and thus reduces production of the greenhouse gas methane
  10. Lead change at your workplace or business
    Spread the word - cool global warming and keep winter cool

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