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Community Emergency Risk Management Workbook

The Mount Hotham Alpine Resort Management Board is responsible for the management of Emergency and Recovery with the Mount Hotham Alpine Resort.  As part of this responsibility the Board has undertaken to draft the Community Emergency Risk Management Workbook that will form part of the Emergency Management Plan for Mount Hotham Resort.

In an endeavour to eliminate or reduce emergency risk, the Resort Emergency Management Planning Committee has undertaken a process to identify, record, analyse and assess risk on the basis of likelihood and the consequences of those risks.  Priority will be given to the process of risk reduction through strategies implemented by relevant authorities and agencies.

A process of community consultation combined with expert opinion from members of the Resort Emergency Management Planning Committee will form the basis of this risk assessment.

The appropriateness of these strategies will require ongoing reappraisal and review to ensure their value in risk management.  For this reason, the process will be ongoing and dynamic.

As part of the Emergency Management audit the Board is required to consult with the community on the identified risks and treatment plans to ascertain if they find the measures in place are adequate.  We ask all stakeholders to review the Mount Hotham Resort Management Community Risk Management Workbook attached and provide comments by close of business Friday 1st September 2006 to Renee Cole at or by mail at PO Box 188 Bright Victoria 3741.

If there are any questions regarding the workbook please do not hesitate to contact Jenny Molloy on 0411 136 440

A copy of the workbook can be downloaded by clicking on the link below:

PDFCommunity Emergency Risk Management Workbook (290 KB)