Mount Hotham

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Amendment to the Alpine Resort Planning Scheme

Who the Planning Authority is

The Minister for Planning has prepared this amendment. The Minister for Planning is the planning authority for the amendment. The Minister for Planning will be responsible for administering the Scheme.

What the Amendment does

The amendment amends the Alpine Resorts Planning Scheme.

The amendment revised the Local Planning Policy Framework and requirements that apply to Mt Hotham Alpine Resort. It replaces the Mt Hotham Strategic Statement and introduces a Local Policy relating to Car Parking. The amendment also introduces an Environmental Significance Overlay – Burramys parvus and a Heritage Overlay and four new incorporated documents in the form of Comprehensive Development Plans for Hotham Village, Inter Urban Break, Davenport Great Alpine Road Frontage and Davenport Oversnow.

Land affected by the Amendment

The amendment applies to Mt Hotham Alpine Resort.

Why the Amendment is required

The preparation of the Local Planning Policy Framework for each of the Alpine Resorts is the second stage of planning reform for the Victorian Alpine Resorts. The first stage of reform, the creation of the Alpine Resorts Planning Scheme, represented a reasonably neutral translation of the former planning controls into the new VPP format. The second stage was to involve the preparation of Comprehensive Development Plans for Village areas.

A strategic exercise was undertaken by the Mt Hotham Resort Management Board to identify the vision for the Mt Hotham Resort and means of reflecting this vision. This exercise isolated a deficiency in the strategic objectives for development within the Resort and significant alteration to the existing Strategic Statement was required in order to strategically justify the Comprehensive Development Plan areas and parameters as well as to create consistency with State Policy Objectives.

The amendment is requires to provide a sound, strategically focussed framework for decision making within the Mt Hotham Alpine Resort which reflects recent directions in terms of scheme content and formatting.

Impact of the Amendment

Social and Economic Effects

The amendment is expected to have positive economic and social benefits for the community of Mt Hotham and the people of Victoria. The amendment will provide a facilitative framework for development by first, providing clear and articulate planning strategies and policies, and second, streamlining the planning process within specific integral areas.

Environmental Effects

The amendment will ensure sound environmental practices are followed and that potential development occurs within considered parameters. The amendment should have no significant effect on the environment.

Minister’s Directions

The use and development envisaged by this amendment is not affected by any Minister’s Directions.

Strategic and Policy Justification of the Amendment

The amendment addresses the void in the existing Alpine Resorts Planning Scheme by providing a detailed Strategic Statement and Local Planning Policies. Requirements have been derived from this strategic framework and are thus strategically justified.

Where you may inspect this Amendment

The amendment is available for public inspection, free of charge, during office hours at the following places.

  • Department of Infrastructure Department of Infrastructure
    Planning Information Centre North East Regional Office, Upper Plaza 50-52 Clarke Street Benalla.
  • Nauru House, 80 Collins Street,Melbourne
  • Mt Hotham Alpine Resort Management Board Alpine Shire Council - 
    cnr Hawthorn Lane and Churchill Avenue, Bright
  • Mt Hotham Alpine Resort, Great Alpine Road.

Planning and Environment Act 1987



The Planning Authority for this amendment is the Minister for Planning.

The Alpine Resorts Planning Scheme is amended as follows:

  1. Planning Scheme Map Nos 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 are amended in the manner shown on the attached maps marked Alpine Resorts Planning Scheme, Amendment C6.
  2. Following Planning Scheme Map 18, insert new Planning Scheme Maps 5HO, 5ESO, 6ESO and 7ESO in the form of the attached maps marked Alpine Resorts Planning Scheme, Amendment C6.
  3. In Local Planning Policy Framework – Clause 21 delete Clause 21.06 and insert new Clauses 21.06 to 21.06-5 in the form of the attached documents.
  4. In Local Planning Policy Framework following Clause 21.07 substitute a new Clause 22.01-1 in the form of the attached document.
  5. In Local Planning Policy Framework following Clause 22.05-2 insert new Clause 22.06-1 in the form of the attached document.
  6. In Zones – following Clause 37.02, substitute existing Schedule 1 to Clause 37.02 with new Schedule 1 in accordance with the attached document.
  7. In Overlays – insert new Schedule 1 to the Environment Significance Overlay in the form of the attached document.
  8. In Overlays – insert new Clause 43.01 (Heritage Overlay) from the VPP and new Schedule 1 in the form of the attached documents.
  9. In General Provisions – replace existing Schedule to Clause 61.01-61.04 with new Schedule in the form of the attached document.
  10. In Incorporated Documents following ‘Mt Buller Comprehensive Development Plan 1 – One Tree Hill’ insert ‘Mt Hotham Comprehensive Development Plan 1 – Hotham Village’, ‘Mt Hotham Comprehensive Development Plan 2 – Inter Urban Break, ‘Mt Hotham Comprehensive Development Plan 3 – Davenport Great Alpine Road Frontage’ and ‘Mt Hotham Comprehensive Development Plan 4 – Davenport Oversnow.

Associated Documents:

PDFAmendment (972 KB)

PDFCDP Plans (918 KB)

PDFCDP Text (66 KB)