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Greta Small

 Greta is a junior star who is quickly establishing herself in the elite divisions of international Alpine Skiing athletes. At just 18, Greta is taking on the world in a discipline dominated by Europeans, yet Greta is making a big impact against all odds.

Small has been on the Alpine scene in Australia since her mid teens and her dedication to the sport saw her honoured as the flag bearer in the 2014 Youth Winter Olympics and from there her growth as an international athlete has surpassed all expectations.

As a youngster, Greta trained with the Mt Hotham Race Squad who boast an impressive alumni of World Cup and Olympic skiers.

 Greta is one of Australian winter sport’s brightest stars, her determination to do everything right and be an athlete to be admired is also seen in her work with the Anti Bullying Campaign which reflect her own experiences.

Career achievements

  • 1st Continental Cup ANC 2011,12 &13
  • 7th Youth Olympic Games 2012, Innsbruck
  • 15th Winter Olympics 2014, Sochi, Russia
  • 25th World Alpine Ski Championships 2014.