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Telstra Exchange upgrade

Telstra is currently completing works to its new exchange building, replacing the former Guest Services Hut in the Corral car park as one of the initial steps of the Growing Mount Hotham Project, which will deliver higher quality broadband and additional capacity at Mount Hotham.

The building commenced construction last Tuesday with the final fit-out and installation underway. This includes completing the façade of the prefabricated building along with services connections and cutover from the former exchange.

Last year during routine leasing discussions MHARMB and Telstra identified the need for a new facility at Mount Hotham. The existing infrastructure has limited capacity for growth and the delivery of new technologies as they are rolled out.

The selected location at the Corral car park reduces the copper loop length between Mount Hotham’s users and Telstra exchange by over a kilometre and provides a foundation for faster speeds during peak periods.

The Corral area is slated for further development in coming years, with the existing RMB office building and other parts of the existing car park having been released for Expressions of Interest. It is envisaged that this area will host new covered parking along with commercial and dining amenities, and a new Ski Patrol base and medical centre.

In order to ensure that the exchange was sensitive to its prominent location within the resort, Peter Sandow of FMSA Architecture worked closely alongside MHARMB and ICS, Telstra’s equipment supplier. This has resulted in a considered design that sits comfortably in the landscape.

Coming into winter, Telstra technicians will be pulling new fibre-optic line and cable to Davenport. Minimal interruptions are expected to services, which should take no longer than an hour per premises as they are cut-over to be serviced by the new exchange.

A new portable Guest Services Hut will be located beside the Telstra Exchange in the Corral, which will continue to provide guidance to visitors outside of office hours.



08 May 2017