Mount Hotham

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Mt Hotham Resort Fire Update 9.30pm

Mt Hotham Resort Fire Update 9.30pm

 Friday 8thth February 2013 – 9.30pm


Harrietville – Alpine Fire Statistics:

                                        North              South

Fire Area:                      10210 ha         565 ha 

Fire Perimeter:              89 km              11 km

Control Lines built:       208 km            10 km

Line to be built:             10 km              50 km

Potential Spread:           High                High


Resort Threat: Very High – currently NO active fires within Resort boundaries.

Conditions:       Currently; Clear.  Temperature: 17’c (expected max. of 23’c)

  Humidity: 41% Wind: Due NNW at 22 km/h with gusts to 42 km/h.

 Road Status:    Both Approaches Closed – Emergency Vehicle Access Only.


 Current Status:

A briefing has been called by the CFA at the Fire-station to finalise defense of the Resort should the fire breach containment lines.  The fire has now reached Baldy Hollow immediately below the Summit.

Resort Staff have are laying ‘Foschek’ fire retardant around Resort assets and CFA Strike Teams have located Fire Units & Tankers at strategic positions in the Village area - Corral Car park, Summit and Higginbotham.

The resort remains clear of smoke as the North-west wind is currently driving the all smoke and embers back into the Dargo – at this stage there is no wind born debris landing within the Resort.

The fire has moved from the ‘Morning Star Spur’ and crossed ‘Baldy Creek’ and is moving toward Baldy Hollow – this is on the boundary of Resort alongside the ‘Corral Car park’.  Areas under immediate threat are the Summit, the Village Centre and Mt. Higginbotham.  CRB units are positioning themselves along the Southern boundary of the Resort. 

The ‘Harrietville - Alpine North’ fire continues to move through high elevation forest that was burnt in 2003 and 2006.  The fire has now burnt down to the ‘Diamantina River’ along a 500m stretch - which proposes a potential threat to the Resort Water Catchment.  Resort Management staff have observed smoke continuing to rise from the ‘Diamantina Area’, which indicates that the fire is still active, despite aerial suppression. CFA/DSE have reported that the hot edge on the Diamantina River continues to hold west of the river, but many hot spots remain, right down to the river bank. Felled timber on the helipad has delayed insertion of crews this morning, but crews are now working after the pad was aerial bombed. Options for providing water-pumping capability for ground crews to black out this edge are being explored

Attached Photos from: Photos from Corral carpark as at 9.30pm.


 Village Access:

Both roads to the Hotham Village are closed for the foreseeable future under direction of the ICC.  The GAR to Harrietville Road is designated as ‘Class A’ closure – strictly no access.  The GAR from Dinner Plain – Hotham Heights is designated ‘Class A’ closure.  Both approaches are for Emergency Fire Services use only. 

 The Great Alpine Road is likely to remain closed for up to several weeks, due to the high risk of burnt 2003-fire-killed Alpine Ash above the road falling down onto the road.  Plans for treatment of this risk are beginning to be developed.

Further information can be obtained by ringing the MHARMB Office on 03 57593550 or emailing




Andrew Lean

Media Liaison – MHARMB


08 February 2013