Mount Hotham

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Mt Hotham Resort Road Update - 6pm

Mt Hotham Resort Road Update - 6pm

Media Release

7 March 2013


Great Alpine Road recovery works progressing well


VicRoads opened the Great Alpine Road to the local media today to give an insight into the recovery works necessary to open the road to the public.


VicRoads Regional Director Graham Freestone said this was an opportunity to look behind the scenes and get a firsthand idea of the scope of works and how VicRoads is addressing the challenges.


“It is great to see the efforts our own crews and contractors have put in to make the road safe and accessible for the Labour Day long weekend and beyond.”


“There is still a lot more work to be done, but we are progressing well and the long weekend will be a deserved break for the crews who have been working six and seven days a week.”


   The group viewed the slip sites and got a lesson on how to construct gabion baskets to stabilise loose materials below a slip site.


Gabion baskets are metal cages filled with rocks and placed below a slip site and built up to provide support for the side of the mountain. This enables VicRoads to reinstate the verge of the road on a sound foundation.


“Our crews are continuing to clear dead and burnt trees from the slopes above the road to reduce the risk of them falling onto the road causing another blockage.”


“We have two ground tree lopper teams clearing trees by hand close to the road. The teams can manage 200 trees a day, which is quite impressive.”


“Further up slope we use a harvester, excavator and bulldozer to push the trees over and lay them on the ground to provide habitat for local flora and fauna but also the prevent ground material to slip onto the road. The tree stumps also assist in holding back loose material which could otherwise fall onto the road.”


“Since starting work on Monday 4 March we have felled in excess of 4,000 dead and burnt trees at risk of falling onto the road.”


“We appreciate the need for local business operators to access the road and have the Easter break firmly in our sight to enable visitors and locals unrestricted access for that important holiday time.”


“The alpine region is one of the most diverse and interesting in Victoria and we acknowledge the vital role the road plays for tourism in the area. All our efforts are focused on getting the road ready for these important periods and of course the upcoming snow season.”


“We appreciate the cooperation and the patience we have received from residents, local stakeholders, the Alpine Shire Council and businesses so far.” 


Information about road closures can be found on the VicRoads website at:




07 March 2013