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New Book - The King of Hotham

There is a great new book that went on sale at the end of the Winter 2013 season - THE KING OF HOTHAM. MY FATHER by Gillian Salmon.

A legend in his time. The Ace Instructor. Mr Hotham & King of Hotham. A stone monument stands isolated on top of Mt Higginbotham as testimony to Lindsay Salmon's efforts in the early development of Mt Hotham as a ski resort. The reader is drawn into the picture as Mt Hotham grows from a gold mining outpost to the premier ski resort it has become today as it paints vivid and effective portraits of pioneering individuals who lived a life style few Australians have experienced. Featuring - The Albury Ski Club, The Alpine Club, Mt Hotham, Mt Buffalo, Middle East. The History of skiing. Early skis, different styles of skiing, wax and clothing.


The Mt Hotham Resort Management Board still has a few copies of the book on sale. If you're interested in purchasing a copy please contact our office on 03 5759 3550 or email

07 January 2014