Mount Hotham

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Mt Hotham Resort Management Board - Fires 2013 Update

Wednesday 6th February 2013 - 6.45pm update

Resort Threat: High – currently NO active fires within Resort.

Conditions: Currently; Clear.  Temperature: 18.5’c (expected max. of 20’c)

Humidity: 36% Wind: Due North at 20 km/h with gusts to 30 km/h.

Road Status: Both Approaches Closed – Emergency Vehicle Access Only.


Current Status:

Important Update:  As at 6.15pm the CFA advised ‘that persons should leave the ‘Dargo High Plains’ and surrounding areas ‘North of Dargo’ as the bushfire is moving into this area’.

The fire has crossed the Great Alpine Road at ‘Corbetts Flat’ and has reached the bottom-west side of Mt Smyth (near Mt St Bernard)and moving into the ‘Dargo’. 

Fire has been reported behind the “Old CRB Plant Shelter’.  Other assets currently under threat; ‘Wangarrata Ski Club’, ‘MHRMB Ticket Boxes’ and ‘MHRMB Buckland House’ have been Foschek protected.

Fire activity in the East Ovens River area has rapidly developed this afternoon and has run up to the Great Alpine Rd (GAR) in several locations. 

The wind remains ‘Due North’, abating slightly.  Humidity continues to drop and is currently 36%

The ‘Harrietville – Mt Feathertop Fire’ remains classified as ‘going’ with  the active ‘fronts’ still located in the Bon Accord Track and Razorback areas threatening Mt Hotham.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday remain classified ‘high-risk’.

Defence Strategies:

This afternoon fixed wing aircraft dropped fire retardant along the ‘underground power-line ridge’ to the west of the GAR to strengthen this back-up control line. Aerial retardant is being applied to protect private structures along the GAR.  Heli-bombing of hot-spots in the Diamantina River area has been undertaken.

The MHRMB staff continues to patrol the Resort 24/7, monitoring the Resort environs for possible ember attacks and spot-overs. 

CFA/DSE are on call as required for asset protection at Hotham and the MHARMB’s fire fighting assets are now deployed as part of the overall CFA resource allocation strategy within the resort.

The Hotham Village water Tanks at 95% capacity and the Snowmaking Dam is currently around 100% capacity which is currently being maintained by the limited Swindlers Creek flows.  To bolster Mt Hotham water capacity, the CFA have located two large articulated water tankers in the Village Car Park.  The CFA have installed three water refilling ‘pools’ for water bombing  - two in the Village Car-park and one in Davenport Subdivision to support the water bombing activities.

The Board has completed all necessary defensive slashing and combustible rubbish removal around village buildings and assets.

Village Access:

Both roads to the Hotham Village are closed for the foreseeable future under direction of the ICC.  The GAR to Harrietville Road is designated as ‘Class A closure’ – strictly no access.  The GAR from Dinner Plain – Hotham Heights is now designated ‘Class A Closure’.  Both approaches are ONLY for Emergency Fire Services use.

Further information can be obtained by emailing

Andrew Lean
Media Liaison - MHARMB

07 February 2013