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New Terrain Open

New Terrain Open

UPDATE: Road Runner and Summit Quad now open!

The school holidays are upon us and at Hotham that means snow fun!

Mother nature has been a little fickle this season with snow dumps early on followed by a distinct lack of natural snowfall. Luckily for everyone, temperatures stayed low enough for our snow making teams to keep busy most nights and produce an amazing amount of snow. 

Our snowmaking efforts have been assisted with natural snowfall over the past couple of days meaning the snow coverage is the best it's been all season and we'll look to open new terrain as soon as possible. 

We currently have 8 lifts turning; Big D, Summit Trainer, Playground (from mid-load), Audi quattro, Cobungra Platter, Road Runner, Summit Quad and Heavenly Chair. 

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10 July 2015