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It's snowing at Hotham!

It's snowing at Hotham!

Mount Hotham saw approximately 22 centimetres of snowfall over the weekend, with snow expected to continue falling on Tuesday and Wednesday. 

An additional 5 – 10 cm is predicted to fall during the week and further conditions into next week are expected to be prime for snowmaking.

The dumping of snow comes in perfect time with just two weeks out until Mount Hotham announces the start of its 2017 winter season.

Opening weekend will include a fireworks display expected on Saturday 10 June, and other events and activities prepared for that weekend including live music from various events across the resort.

The cold ground is an advantage in preparation for snowmaking which will help keep the man-made snow on the ground.

General Manager of Operations at Mount Hotham Skiing Company Len Dobell said that snowmaking commenced yesterday.

“The Skiing Company is starting to make snow at every opportunity from now on, in fact we started making snow from Dinner Plain last night.”

A spokesperson from Mount Hotham said that the current snowfall was a good sign leading up to opening weekend.

“It’s great to see this amount of snow fall before the season officially kicks off.”

“It has got us all excited to get our skis and boards on and get back out there for what hopes to be a really great winter.

“It’s 11 days and counting now until opening weekend, we are hoping with this snow plus the snowmaking efforts we may have some snow on the ground,”

“This combined with the festivities we have planned, which will include fireworks, it should be a fantastic opening,” she said.

29 May 2017