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XTM calls for individuals to donate their old ski jackets to keep the homeless warm

Got an old ski jacket or ski pants that’s accumulating dust and taking up space in your closet? XTM has a solution to your problem.

Mount Hotham is proud to seek the opportunity to be part of XTM’s “Heat the Homeless Initiative” by providing large donation boxes around the resort for people to drop off their old jackets.

Last year, XTM announced the new initiative and with the help of many businesses on board, more than 2,500 jackets where given to those in need as a result.

Due to its successful outcome last year, XTM have decided to launch the campaign again in 2017 by partnering up with Facebook Group Humans In Melbourne and charity Anonymous X to get the message out there.

Sales and Marketing Manager for XTM, Alan Dower, said that the initiative was created to give back to people in a way that their brand could do so.

“We looked at what we do, and what we could do, to be a benefit to somebody and it was warm waterproof outwear that we are all about, so the idea became to keep people warm with ski jackets,” Mr Dower said.

“We want to give people clothing that can help out their day-to-day lives because it gets so cold in winter and just to really show the scale that it’s at and to get the word out to people.

“A lot of people didn’t really come to our stores to drop off their jackets, they actually went to the charity to donate and that’s what we want to see – people being active.

“The ski industry is very well-off, so many people in the ski industry have two or three jackets in their wardrobe and its really nice when they can give back to people that might haven’t had that advantage.

“Homeless is an issue that can’t be solved very easily, but the more people become aware of the issue then we are already one step further in the right direction,” he said.

To find out more about this great initiative or if you would like to donate your old ski jacket, visit



28 June 2017