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Make-A-Wish and Alpine Nature Experience grants little girl her snow princess wish

Make-A-Wish and Alpine Nature Experience grants little girl her snow princess wish

The snow is an enchanting place for many people, and for a young girl who has been through a lot in the past four years, a week in the snow, a giant tipi, and a hot chocolate with marshmallows is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Young Evelyn has been a strong little trooper over the past four years after results showed she had adult leukemia.

However, growing up with two boisterous brothers and a strong mind of her own, she was able to push through it, and after twelve months of chemotherapy good news came to her and her family when she was found to be clear of leukaemia.

Since then, Make-A-Wish Australia has granted little Evelyn her snow wish up at Mount Hotham for a fun-packed family snow holiday.

Evelyn’s mother, Serah Bass, said that Evelyn was enjoying her time at the snow and that it was great to see her “having fun and being a kid”.

“Evelyn’s wish was to be a snow princess and to see the snow, so we made her a pretty dress and we have come down to Dinner Plain for eight days, where Make-A-Wish has provided us with accommodation.”

“I got a photo of her on the bus on the way up when she first saw the snow out the window and she was pretty stoked."

“Make-A-Wish have a team who pick out all these activities for us to do and Alpine Nature Experience was one of them and it’s been so great - the kids have really enjoyed it,” she said.

The family wandered down a snow-covered trail and discovered the secret hidden eco-village which welcomed them with an open fire and the perfect outdoor snow setting.

The family spent the afternoon playing in the snow, throwing snowballs and playing on the sled, before entering the tepee where they had red velvet cake and hot chocolate for afternoon tea.

Manger of Alpine Nature Experience Jean-Francois Rupp said that it was a humbling experience to host the special family on their holiday.

“I have been extremely flattered that they approached me to do that, I was very happy to wish the little girl her dream and make a bit of a difference, it was very nice and I hope she had fun,” Mr Rupp said.

“It was the biggest group of kids we have had so it was almost like a little birthday party. The kids can play wherever they want, roast marshmallows on the fire, build snowmen, play with the sled and they get into the tipi where it’s nice and warm.

"To the kids the tipi is like a big tent, so it’s a bit like camping but they get to have hot chocolate and cake - it’s an adventure for them,” he said.

Donate to Make-A-Wish Australia foundation today and help grant other sick children their wishes.

27 July 2017