Mount Hotham

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What to wear at the snow

A big part of having a great snow trip is staying warm and dry while skiing and snowboarding. It's not a great experience to get wet and cold, just as you can get cold when you get too hot and sweat.

The team at OneTree Sports premium equipment centre are experts in snow clothing and stock the best range of quality products across a great range of brands.  Here are some of their tips for what to wear at the snow...


A key thing to keep in mind when going to the snow is to consider the type of clothing you wear and layering up. A good tip to remember is to build your base from the inside out.

1. Base Layer

The base layer is the layer of clothing worn directly next to your skin, it regulates temperature and helps to draw moisture away from your body, usually known as Thermals.

Avoid cotton as a base layer, when you ski/snowboard, you perspire and any cotton clothing touching your skin will absorb your sweat like a sponge and won’t dry. If the air is colder than your body temperature, you’ll feel cold and you’re cotton base layer will no longer provide any insulation. Look for synthetic fibres like polyester or merino wool to keep your body warm and dry.

2. Mid- Layer

A mid-layer is your second insulation layer that helps retain heat by trapping air close to your body. A heavier weighted fabric than your base layer the mid-layer is generally a fleece, knit or technical material jacket that is there to help regulate your body temperature giving you the option of shedding a layer or adding another layer depending on temperature and conditions.

3. Outer Layer

Your outer layer is generally a lightweight ski jacket and pant (shell) that will protect you from the wind, rain and snow. Look for waterproof/breathable technical fabrics such as Gore-Tex with features like zippered venting to assist in regulating your body temperature and helping moisture to evaporate.


Remember you won’t be warmer wearing more heavier weighted clothing whilst skiing or snowboarding. Depending on conditions, wearing the right amount of breathable layers will keep you dry, warm and comfortable out on the snow.

So make sure you choose the right clothing with advice from experts such as the staff at any Hotham or Dinner Plain retail store like Pinnacle, Boardbox, Salomon Concepts and us at OneTree of course.

26 August 2016