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7 Peaks Ride Cycles into Action

7 Peaks Season will cycle into action on Friday, 27 October for an ‘at-your-own’ cycling challenge in the backdrop of some of Victoria’s spectacular alpine mountains.

This is to be a record season for cycling with the launch of the longest ever 7 Peaks which will end on 29 April 2018. This reflect the growth of the popular sport and the tourism it brings in Victoria’s North East.

The winding roads will take the challengers up to the top of Victoria’s seven alpine resorts including Mt Hotham, Mt Buffalo, Lake Mountain, Falls Creek, Mt Buller, Dinner Plain and Mt Baw Baw.

The Mt Hotham part of challenge takes the cyclist from the gateway mountain town of Harrietville, up the picturesque Great Alpine Road which is one of the most challenging parts of the 7 Peaks Challenge. The road is lined with tall forest on the lower part of the stretch and then opens to breathtaking view of the valleys and rippling mountain range.

Whether you're aiming to take down all 7 Peaks or attempting your first mountain climb, before you ride, register for the 7 Peaks app, your 7 Peaks digital passport.

The app lets you track your rides, track fellow riders via the live results feed, and automatically receive a passport stamp when you've completed your ride.

Every time you ride one of the peaks, and get a stamp in your passport, you are one step closer to winning the major prize: a trip to the Tour de France.

Mt Hotham

Mt Hotham Transit Lounge (under the Resort Management Building).

26 October 2017