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Hotham's Digital Tour Guide is all you need

Hotham's Digital Tour Guide is all you need

Anyone might tell history but not everyone can tell a story, and when it comes to Mount Hotham history, Andrew Swift is your guy.

The Explore Mount Hotham Digital Tour Guide unveils the history surrounding the Great Alpine Road and features the Great Alpine Road Touring Route, Iconic Tracks & Trails, Cycling the Great Alpine Road, Beyond Hotham 4WD Adventures, and Trail Running.

Mount Hotham’s Cultural Heritage and Tracks & Trails Officer Andrew Swift is the brain behind these guides and has worked hard to document the mining history and the formation of the Alpine Resort we know today.

Through visual video, Mr Swift takes his audience back in time to the gold mining era as he explains the significance of the tracks that branch off on the Great Alpine Road. Each place has a QR code where visitors can scan and watch the video which tells about the history behind that particular place name.  

Mr Swift said that people respond better to an environment when they are aware of the history behind it.

“In my experience of tourism which goes back to when I was a teenager, people have always responded to history and how other people in history have responded to their environment, Mr Swift said.

“Doing the bushwalking tours, people respond and I tell them stories about gold miners who got lost, or gold miners that died, or gold miners who found their fortune – people can relate to that.

“That’s the same with the digital tour guide is trying to tell those stories about the people and places so that people might get it and plant a whole heap of seeds along the way — it gives a bit of substance behind why they are there.

 “You can’t take people to some of these remote bushes settings, but if you do a video of it then the audience can go to those places through the videos.

It’s just another one of many great resources we have been able to utilise at Hotham.

Mr Swift said that the idea behind the Great Alpine Road Touring Route stemmed from the numbering system of the chain bays.  Each of the chainbays had their own original historic name which were no longer in use until a decision was made to reinstate the place names and rename a lot of the places along the Great Alpine Road.

“Every gully along that road had a place name from back in the old days.

“So, when you are driving up from Bright you pass Miners Creek, Corbett’s Flat, Blowhard and we now have all of those places along the Great Alpine Road named.

“In the chain bays, we then have all the stories behind those place names and we then have the videos as well – so the idea for the videos is a really quick bit of digestible information.

“If you don’t want to look at the board you can look at the picture, or you can look at the video and its great with the kids, and it’s a bit of fun.

“It's beneficial in other ways too, if there is an accident along the road, there is a geographic place/name – so that then becomes an emergency response place too.

The Great Alpine Road Touring Route Digital Tour Guide can be found here.


23 February 2017