Mount Hotham

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18cm fresh snow in 24 hours

18cm fresh snow in 24 hours

This snowstorm really doesn’t want to slow down! We’ve received 18cm of fresh snowy goodness overnight, 30cm in 48 hours and nearly 80cm in the past week! It’s just sensational and there couldn’t be a better time to chuck a snowie than right now.

With the opening of Keogh’s/Orchard earlier this week, all lifts are operating in the resort and the whole mountain is accessible for your skiing and snowboarding pleasure. We should see a few more snow showers tomorrow before the weather clears up for the rest of the week.

If skiing and snowboarding isn’t enough to keep you on your toes, there are all kinds of events on in the resort to check out including the Snowboarder-X this weekend, the Australian Biathlon Championships at Whiskey Flat next weekend and the Snowfield of Pink Ladies for the Breast Cancer Network Australia – also next weekend to wrap up the end of Winter and welcome the beginning of Spring!

Image: 18cm of fresh snowy goodness on the Hotham railometre this morning, Friday 23 August.

23 August 2013