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Relocation of new Guest Services Hut

The relocation of the Telstra Exchange Building to the Corral Car Park has led to the old guest services hut being demolished and replaced with the old ticket box from Buckland Gap.

The new guest services hut is positioned next to the Telstra Exchange Building on the corner of the Corral Car Park.

Manger of Innovation and Guest Services Kevin Raymond said that the old ticket box was a “perfect substitute” for the new hut.

“We now have a new camera system that has been installed this summer which no longer requires the hut,” Mr Raymond said.

“With the road management procedures over the last few years we haven’t required the Buckland Gap ticket box to be used for traffic control, because the road is being managed quite nicely and efficiently now.

“We are ultimately recycling and saving costs where we can, by reusing an old building to replace another one.”

The guest services hut will begin operating from opening weekend on June 10 between the hours of 4.00pm untill late.

Mr Raymond said that the guest services hut was put in place to assist guests who are coming up late afternoon onto the mountain.

“It’s basically a visitor information service and a bit of concierge service for the mountain as far as pointing people in the right direction,” he said.

“When they get up here after their long drive up the mountain in the middle of the night, it gives the town somewhere to go to.

“If there are any problems around the town they can go to the guest services hut and report them, and the guys are plugged in to all communication channels.

"People can get all their maps and brochures and stuff like that and we can make relevant phone calls.

“We do have nights where we do close it because it’s so quiet and we put a contactable phone number on the door,” he said.

For further information on the new guest services hut contact Resort Management on 03 5759 3550.

22 May 2017