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A family deserving of their holiday

A family deserving of their holiday

It’s not easy planning a family holiday and when you have four young boys under eleven to plan for, one can only imagine how difficult that would be.

Eight months in the making, budgeting and pre-booking their accommodation, Mt Isa family packed up their suitcases in what they hoped to be a holiday of a lifetime.

Of course, things can go horribly wrong for the best of us and after travelling more than 1,100 km with four energetic and excited kids in the back of the car, their holiday encountered hurdles.

Arriving at the Townsville airport took another turn of events, and in a matter of minutes their perfect holiday was snatched from their grasp, and all their prepaid and pre-booked plans were out of reach - in Melbourne - where they should have arrived had their flight time not been changed by the airline without notice.

The stress was too much for the young family and after realising that they had lost everything they had organised, all for the sake of an altered flight time, it didn’t seem like it was going to get better – defeat was something they thought they would have to face.

When they finally arrived in Melbourne, they had missed out on their hotel accommodation and their bus transport to the mountain, with their only other option being to spend their holiday savings on a rental car and drive up to Hotham.

With no other choice, and a desperate motivation to give his family the holiday they had hoped for, Mr TePohe went in search for a temporary job around the resort.

With mood levels reaching a low, the true alpine spirit was found through businesses at Mount Hotham who were determined to give this special family the holiday they had imagined, after hearing their unfortunate turn of events.

The TePohe family are now experiencing the holiday they imagined, with perfect weather during their time up here, skiing, snowboarding, toboggining and a family of smiley faces.

Mr TePohe said that his experience since arriving at Mount Hotham had been everything they had hoped for with the help of the locals.

“I came to the office to see if RMB could help us out with any equipment, and Jen came over and told me to write my name down and all of our boots and jacket sizes, and said she would try and help us out,” Mr TePohe said.

“She hooked us up with some lessons at Hotham365 indoor skiing, and the instructor James did so well with the kids, my youngest one was following him around by the end of it.

“He has been 'happy as larry' running around on the snow, his hands were freezing, but he loved it, it was great.

“Paddy at Hoys also helped us out with equipment - the people up here are amazing.

“The people that we have met here on the mountain are incredible, they really helped to turn it around and into something special for the boys, and we are extremely grateful,” he said.


22 July 2017