Mount Hotham

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'OOTZ A La Carte in the Park Series - the story so far

We're down to the last course of the 'OOTZ A La Carte in the Park event series, with some tasty dishes served up in the last few weeks.

Here's the recap:

The Bread and Butters Rail Jam kicked off the menu, attracting talent in both ski and snowboard disciplines. It was a close competition with Gus Broersen, Tom Heffernan Charlie Mills, Mo Di Natale, Allie Coates taking first places.

The Cheese and Crackered Rail Jam was served up second on Hotham's Basin Terrain Park, another great weather day which witnessed serious talent in both ski and board comps. Sam Heffernan, Harry Martin, Dylan Walker, Carter Mills, Jon Martin, Ava-Willow Wilson and Yennie Trant taking first place in their groups.

The Hot-Ham Snowboard Banked Slalom and Hot-Ham Hammer were the first of the main courses in the series. The Banked Slalom offered some some exciting entertainment for guests riding the chairlift above Heavenly Valley’s ‘Gun Barrel', as we saw some hot competition from Buller Race Club. Taking first positions in the Banked Slalom were Dylan Walker, Christian De Oliveira, Mollie Fernandez, Kieran McLaughlin and Georgia Mylonas.

The Hot-Ham Hammer was a new event for this year, held on Heavenly Valley’s ‘Harper’s Moguls Course’, and it was a success!
This event saw the return of many series regulars, with competition from Canadian visitors shaking things up. Winners included Kareema Wakim, Sam Heffernan, Amy Seedsman, Austin Hoadley and Emily Tewksbury.

The third and final main of the series, the Cow Hide Free Ride, was served on Heavenly Valley’s Canyon’s. The sun was shining and the snow was soft, which were perfect conditions for a free ride. It was nice to see our female snowboarders out in force this event showing some great riding for the judges. Winners were Kyle McGown, Rex Everatt, Sophie Guiness, Courtney Bartlett, Jett Elkins, Tom Heffernan, Dylan Walker and Damien Myers.

Next up is our final event the Spring Sessions Sorbet on 7 September which will 'sort the men from the boys' so to speak.

Check out the current event standings going into the Spring Sessions Sorbet

22 August 2014