Mount Hotham

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Mt Hotham Resort Fires Update - 4pm

Mt Hotham Resort Fires Update - 4pm

Thursday 21st February 2013 

Harrietville  – Alpine Fire Statistics:
                                   North             South
Fire Area:                   16756ha         14866 ha  
Fire Perimeter:            120 km          270 km
Control Lines built:      210 km           420 km
Line to be built:           10 km             14 km
Potential Spread:         High               High


Resort Threat:  Medium – currently NO active fires within Resort boundaries and
NO immediate fire threat to Mt Hotham Village.  
Conditions:       Currently;  Mild.  Temperature: 15’c,   Humidity:  69%,
                           Wind: NNW at 8 km/h with gusts to 11 km/h.
Road Status:     Omeo Approach - 'Open to 'Hotham Village'.

                           Harrietville Approach - 'Closed'  (Emergency & Essential Service Vehicle Access Only)
Current Status:
The ‘Harrietville – Alpine South Fires’ remains classified as ‘going’, with little reported change in the fire's perimeter in the past 24 hrs. There remains NO immediate fire threat to 'Mt Hotham Village'.  

This afternoon the wind remained mild from the NNW, but is forecast to return to the SE this evening.  Lightning and storms are also forecast for the next 3 to 4 days, however little 'effective precipitation' is expected. Wind speed is currently 8 km/h, gusting to 11 km/h with decreasing humidity at 69%.

One CFA strike team left on the mountain.   The nearest hotspot to the "Hotham Village'  is behind 'Slatey’s Shed' down in the 'Dargo Valley'.


Crews have completed significant defensive preparations around 'Dinner Plain Village', including a bull-dozer ‘control-cut’ right around the perimeter to protect private assets - CFA are monitoring and maintaining crews levels as circumstances dictate.


CFA/DSE Control Strategies;
Continue to monitor and protect 'Mt Hotham Resort', 'Dinner Plain Village' and other assets from fire.

Continue to prepare forest tracks and fire breaks in preparation for potential impacts from approaching fire.


The 'Blue Rag Range' - the fire-line has experienced a few spots of rain. Visibility has been poor, but Air Observation has indicated that fire-edges bombed yesterday have not moved. Crews deployed to patrol and blackout and widen rakehoe trail around slop over on southern side of 'Blue Rag Range'. Developing thunderstorms have been reported to the north.

In the 'Wongungarra', plant has been deployed for the preparing of fall back lines.

Patrolling of 'Blue Rag Range' and 'Kings Spur'  to  'black-out'  hotspots.

Strengthening of containment lines is being undertaken  in 'Tea Tree' and 'Blue Rag Range' sectors.

Construction of a control line around the fire south of the 'Blue Rag Range Track'.



Village Access: 

The Great Alpine Road from 'Omeo' to 'Hotham Village' is now OPEN,  however from 'Hotham Village' to 'Harrietville', the GAR remains designated a ‘Class A’ closure – strictly no access.    

There has been 'no advice' from VicRoads at this time as to a timetable for the opening of the 'Harrietville approach'.   A road-block is located on the GAR , opposite 'Hotham Central' - no access beyond this point is permitted.
Further information can be obtained by ringing the MHARMB Office on 03 57593550 or emailing;


Andrew Lean
Media Liaison – MHARMB

21 February 2013