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The digital tour guides of Hotham

The digital tour guides of Hotham

Digital tour guides and maps are a wonderful thing. They allow you to sneak away from those mundane office tasks and explore reception-restrictive open dirt road territory, and in a place like Australia…there is a lot of that to discover.

The Victorian High country was recently voted as number one in the top 100 off-road destinations in Australia by HEMA Map customers – and we know why!

This pristine, gum-tree saturated environment yields with flora and fauna and river crossings and maintains an abundant of off-road dirt tracks which welcome four-wheel-drives, motorbikes and adventure-seekers.

HEMA maps produce folded maps, atlas guides and digital navigation products and, according to their website, they have built their reputation as ‘masterful map makers in the four-wheel driving and outdoor adventure industries’.

Every 18 months to two years, HEMA send out expedition field teams to carry out remapping in areas of changing conditions. This month, HEMA was back up at Mount Hotham to carry out this explorative task.

Digital Content Marketer at HEMA James Jackson said that the team are on a 6-week expedition touring Victorian back-country to remap areas of interest and where the conditions may have changed.

“The ex-field teams head out with a 4x4, self-sufficient and prepared to be without many things for weeks on end,” Mr Jackson said.

“They have been gathering GPS data and track data, as well as tourism, lookout and supply points – all travel points of interest and updating all of that.

 “It is important because track conditions change and regional areas are important to have information and track data. To be confident in areas is a big deal because a lot of our continent is unpopulated and isolated.

“We have a schedule and we remap data for all of the major regions and the High Country is very popular and rich in adventure activities,” he said.

Mr Jackson said that Mount Hotham made a popular destination as it boasted with four-wheel driving, camping, walking, horseback riding and skiing.

In previous years, HEMA maps have supported Mount Hotham’s ‘Beyond Hotham’ initiative. A four-wheel-drive adventure style event. Mr Jackson said that event was unique to four-wheel-driving and that Mount Hotham was rich in history.

“In the last three iterations of Beyond Hotham we had HEMA giveaways and a presence of a HEMA vehicle.

“It’s a unique event for us because it goes through tracks that are usually not open to the public.

“The guys up here, their geological and geographical knowledge of the area is quite significant – with settlement history, aboriginal tribes and what not,” he said.

With a unique and local knowledge of the area, Mount Hotham has provided adventure seekers with a downloadable (and printed) ‘Beyond Hotham’ self-touring guide which was released in late 2015. The guide gives access to some of the most picturesque regions of the Alpine National Park and includes route guides, distances, expected durations and useful tips.

For more information on the ‘Beyond Hotham’ digital tour guide or to download a copy visit


20 March 2017