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Mount Hotham sees its first snowfall for the year

Mount Hotham sees its first snowfall for the year

The first snow of the year fell at Mount Hotham yesterday afternoon and continued through the night with temperatures falling as low as – 2 degrees.

The snowfall has come earlier than usual in the year and has come in a south westerly direction. Mount Hotham usually sees a fall of snow in March and April around the Easter and Anzac Day long weekends.

The cool change this month is good news for Mount Hotham with it being most at risk of bushfires in the January and February months.

Manager of Innovation and Guest Services at Mount Hotham Alpine Resort Management Board Kevin Raymond said that the early snow comes as surprise and that it might be a good indicator of a strong winter forecast for winter 2017.

“February is the rarest month for the snow to come to Hotham, so it is a bit out of character, it might be a good indication that we are going to have a nice cold winter on the way,” Mr Raymond said.

“It’s nice to have a cold snap in February.

 “It started to snow last night and we arrived to work this morning to find a lovely cover of about 3 cm of snow up on the highest of the peaks around the Hotham area, which gave it that lovely winter wonderland feel.

“I would imagine that we will have a decent snowfall around about Easter as we normally do, but this is a month early on the Easter and Anzac Day of the March and April snowfall, which normally is the first fall for the year.

 “I say this is a good indication that we are in for a good winter, if you look what is happening in the northern hemisphere, you’ve got ski resorts that are closing having too much snow, so hopefully we are following the northern hemisphere pattern and we are in for a cracker of a year.

“Today it’s nice to have a bit of a look and throw a snowball, but visibility is a bit poor at the moment so you’re not going to get those fantastic snow vistas that you get with a full coverage in winter on a blue-sky day.

“It will no doubt warm up and the snow might well all be gone tomorrow or it might snow again tonight,” he said.

20 February 2017