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Will there be snow at Hotham at the Australia Drift ski run on Australia Day?

Will there be snow at Hotham at the Australia Drift ski run on Australia Day?

Mount Hotham saw its first snowfall outside of the 2017 snow season with a dusting of white throughout the resort on Monday 30 October 2017.

Snowfall is common at random times outside of the snow season, and commonly occurs in March and April around the Easter and Anzac Day long weekends.

Some locals believe that due to the big snowfalls this season, a snow-shaped map of Australia on Australia Drift may still be around on Australia Day.

Local resident Trevor Chick said that it could quite well be a possibility, and that it would be “a bit of a novelty if it happens”.

“It would be pretty fun and quite unique if snow was still there on the public holiday,” Mr Chick said.

“There was so much snow this season that it would be great and ironic if it hung around and you could have a slide on Australia Drift on Australia day.

“It depends how much rain is forecasted, and how hot it gets, but it would be pretty fun to come up and have a picnic on the snow on that day,” he said.

Director of Mt Hotham Ski Patrol Bill Barker said that the snow-shaped map of Australia is where the Australia Drift originally got its name.

“When you look at it on the right angle the ridge right in front of it cuts off the patch of snow and that forms the shape of the east coast of Australia – that’s where it got its name,” Mr Barker said.

"When you look at it too far away and you can see the whole patch of snow it doesn’t look like Australia. When you look at it from where HOYS are it looks like a close resemblance to a map of Australia.

“I’m sure different seasons have different effects on the snow loads, where the wind is coming from, and how much it looks like the map of Australia, but most seasons when it finally melts that last patch is there.

“It’s an area where a lot of the snow would have been blown into over winter and it is more sheltered by being south facing so it doesn’t get the full force of the sun, and that’s why everything burns off around it and that patch is left there,” he said.

02 November 2017