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The ‘Big Gig’ Fundraiser supports Hotham Ski Patrol vollies

The 11th annual Mount Hotham Ski Patrol ‘Big Gig’ Fundraiser took place at The General for a night of live music, social drinks and fantastic items auctioned and thousands of dollars raised. 

The event aims to raise funds to support the volunteer ski patrollers who do all their work out of passion and desire to help others.  

The proceeds help purchase new gear and skis for the vollies, as well as assisting the Ski Patrol with other projects – the most recent being the purchase of a new ski patrol ambulance vehicle.   

Full-time Mount Hotham Ski Patroller and Volunteer Ski Patrol Captain, David Wilson, said the Big Gig is crucial in supporting the volunteers and that the team is always thinking of other ways to help the vollies. 

"At first it was about the basic stuff like looking after them, finding car parks and beds for them up here," Mr Wilson said. 

"It’s been stepping stones for improvements, one of those being as paid patroller we now get new skis every 70 days. So, I thought vollies should have the same opportunity as they are expected to do the same work to the same standards. 

"My right-hand person, Lilly, keeps a log of the days people do each season and when people get to the 70 day mark they get a pair of skis from Rossignal, which we get at a great price.  

"Back in the day paid patrollers circumstance would change – family wise, work wise, and they would have to give up paid patrolling and we would lose them. One of my ideas was to make it easier for them to remain part of the patrol by assisting them as volunteers." 

Paid volunteers are employed by the Resort Management Board, who are supplied with equipment under the Enterprise Bargain Agreement (EBA).

18 August 2017