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Mount Hotham Sewer and Stormwater Upgrade

The Mount Hotham Alpine Resort Management Board (MHARMB) has been working hard to implement new infrastructure development, which has stemmed from the Mount Hotham Master Plan and the Mount Hotham Development Growth Plan.

The two plans have set a direction for MHARMB CAPEX projects for the next 3 – 5 years, with a focus on asset maintenance and infrastructure renewal.

Upgrading and replacement of services have been the current focus, which enables support for future potential developments. Service upgrades that are underway include the sewer mains and storm water mains upgrade, resort camera upgrade, Loch Car Park upgrade, Telstra service relocation, GAR verge sealing, installation of bus shelters, street lighting and urban amenities by creating a ‘sense of arrival’.

The sewer and stormwater upgrade works, that have been operating outside of the MHARMB office over the 2016-17 summer, have now been completed.

The upgrade has continued from the summer works last year and provides the base infrastructure for new development and existing development.  The services were at the end of their life and have been due to be upgraded with realignment in the service corridor, which will be connected next year.

MHARMB carried out the project using the cost-effective process and safe innovation of tunnel boring, this is much more sufficient and beneficial than open-cut excavation which can be dangerous and expensive.

An entry pit and exit pit has been bored 250 metres through rock and approximately 6 metres down underground, with pipe jacked in and grouted. The pipes are a combination of concrete for stormwater and plastic PVC for the sewer mains.

The upgrade is a first for Hotham Central and has a lifespan of 100 years. The infrastructure takes in environmental considerations by creating a good outfall from the pipes which incorporates frog ponds and discharges into existing creeks rather than over land.


17 March 2017