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Hotham history timeline project to get underway over summer

Hotham history timeline project to get underway over summer

Mount Hotham Alpine Resort Management Board is planning to construct an information timeline on the history of Mount Hotham. We are gathering stories and photos this summer and we need your help!

The timeline will celebrate and honour the milestones and the people that shaped the Hotham we all know and love today. From early indigenous times to the pioneers and early cattleman, to the discovery of gold, and the birth of skiing at Mount Hotham.


Cultural Heritage and Tracks & Trails Coordinator Andrew Swift has done a fantastic job in bringing the indigenous and gold mining history to life in his interpretive walks around Mount Hotham, and his passionate work with signage and information along the The Three Huts, the Brabralung Trail and the Cobungra Ditch walk which tells the story of the indigenous and gold mining history.

A research document written by Research Officer, Peter Cabena in 1979 for the Department of Crown Lands and Survey documents the early history of Mount Hotham up to the 1950s.

This document is a great read and has many stories of early pioneers, and how the Mount Hotham that we know today came to be. [For full document see attached PDF]

Since the report, there have been many books published documenting Hotham history. Mr Cabena’s document is an insightful read and a great overview of the years between 1850s -1950s.

Now, we are looking to pick up the story from the birth of the Hotham Village commencing from around the early 1900s, which includes the formation of the clubs, lodges and businesses.

Displayed in chronological order, a creative display of stories and pictures will highlight pivotal events in Mount Hotham’s history. This will also be reflected in a “Hotham History Village Walk”, where plaques are to be contructed to tell their stories.


If you have any interesting information on lodges, influential people of Hotham, or any significant info about Hotham, we want to know! You can email your stories to


What do we want from you? A brief overview of the history of your lodge, club, building or business addressing the questions below and photos of it.

  1. What was the motivation behind constructing the building?
  2. When was the lease of the land accepted?
  3. Who were the founding partners who built it and what did they do?
  4. How long did it take to build and was it done voluntary through working bees, or by contractors?
  5. How many members does the lodge have today?
  6. What were the materials used to build the lodge/building? (framework, windows, utilities etc)
  7. When did the lodge first start taking guests?
  8. Has the lodge since been rebuilt or been under major repair?
  9. What is the reason behind the name of the building?
  10. What are the most interesting facts about your lodge?
  11. Tell us some of the funny stories about the building.

One more thing - We would appreciate if you would nominate an individual who has played a pivital role in shaping Mount Hotham, and why?

PDFHistory-of-Mt-Hotham-1850-1950-by-Peter-Cabena-1979.pdf (2976 KB)

16 September 2017