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Mount Hotham launched its True Spirit of Alpine Australia branding campaign

Mount Hotham launched its True Spirit of Alpine Australia branding campaign

Mount Hotham launched its ‘True Spirit of Alpine Australia’ branding campaign on Monday, 12 June 2017.

 The campaign positions Mount Hotham as representing “Australia’s True Alpine Spirit” and promotes an Australian alpine experience, through changing the way people view Australia’s most thrill-seeking mountain.

 The new 2017 campaign created by Melbourne independent 10 Feet Tall, aims to distinguish Mount Hotham from other ski resorts, brand the mountain with a ‘voice’ and show that the alpine experience, and all its magic, is present in both the winter and green season. Testimonial videos from people of the mountain speak to the True Spirit of Alpine Australia, while the recent launch of the campaign video portrays the voice of the mountain.

 The recent transformation in the look of the Mount Hotham website ( will be complemented by Mount Hotham’s social media channels through Facebook (@MtHotham.RMB) and Instagram (@Mt.Hotham.Resort), which will be used to enhance the campaign messaging and form a unique platform to feature businesses on the mountain.

 CEO of Mount Hotham Alpine Resort Management Board Jon Hutchins said that the campaign was a ‘gamechanger’ for Mount Hotham’s identity.

 “The campaign is a gamechanger in expressing the message. About 70 to 80 per cent of people that come to Mount Hotham come back every two years, which is fantastic because it tells other people how good it is and spreads the message to others,” Mr Hutchins said.

 “Our brand has been built on high-performance messaging and northern hemisphere styling, but with low-cost airfares to New Zealand and Japan now so common, we need to get back to the core of what makes the Australian alpine experience so unique.”

 “The True Spirit microsite has been an integral tool for us to enlist the support of the many partners on the mountain.”

 “It proves that this is far more than a brand campaign, it’s a narrative that translates into a truly viable commercial proposition for every business on the mountain.”

  “With 10 Feet Tall, we identified that as Australia’s highest alpine village at 1780 metres, we could be above the bulldust. Up here, the conditions and people are uniquely and proudly Australian – and we need to embrace that.”

View campaign website here.

16 June 2017