Mount Hotham

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Nissan Beyond Hotham

It is with great sadness that the organisers of the Nissan Beyond Hotham event  have had to make the hardest decision being that the Nissan Beyond Hotham event will not being going ahead this year due to the bushfires we have had in this area over the last 4 weeks.


The bushfire has affected well over 10,000 hectares in the surrounding area of Mount Hotham, even with the future rain predicted. The Department of Sustainability and Environment has recommended all upcoming events and activities in the area around Hotham are to be cancelled.  All roads to the area are still closed with limited access and will remain this way for some time.  Currently the Great Alpine Road via the Harrietville approach is inaccessible.


Over the last few weeks, we have been working towards a contingency plan to access other tracks with the aim to possibly still running the event.  Unfortunately this is not possible as Gavin and I feel that it is unsafe to look at other options due to work DSE and Parks Victoria are completing around the area and will continue for some time.  Gavin has accessed the effected areas extensively via helicopter and has concluded with future weather conditions, other 4WD tracks could be unstable due to fire followed by rain.  With fallen trees clearly seen there is a possibility for more to fall down in the coming months.  All of these factors can change tracks significantly and the safety and well being of our participants is our first priority.


We are unable to postpone the event due to the many sponsors, trip leaders and tail end charlies already committed to other work and activities beyond the scheduled event time.


It is with heavy hearts we have made this complex decision.  We love to show off the spectacular Victorian High Country in all its glory and feel that it is an off road 4WD adventure of a lifetime and do not wish to re-engineer the trips as it would involve travelling a lot of kilometers on bitumen to access different tracks.


This years events bookings were the highest we have received coming into our sixth annual event, which makes this email even harder to write. Gavin & I were looking forward to reuniting with our past participants and also welcoming our new friends into our Beyond Hotham family.


We know you will all be terribly disappointed and we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your support, including the many phone calls and emails voicing your concern.  This event is run because we love it and are passionate about the area, we hope that next year we can gain your support needed to get the event running again with as much success as it was heading to this year.


We appreciate your patience with the above notification of the cancellation as we are still dealing with fires, the clean up of the Mount Hotham Resort and surrounding roads and infrastructure at this stage.


We hope that all of you will be able to join us in 2014, as it may prove to be an even more interesting (and long awaited !!!) experience due to the fires.  




With a lot of heartache and a few tears,   


The Nissan Beyond Hotham Team.


15 February 2013