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Falls to Hotham Alpine Crossing - A breath of fresh air and a view to go with it

Falls to Hotham Alpine Crossing - A breath of fresh air and a view to go with it

Alpine adventure starts at the beginning of the Falls to Hotham Alpine Crossing (FHAC), the start of an elusive and audacious journey that takes you into the heart of the alpine and back up to the top of the world – or so some would argue.

The track is not for the faint-hearted, but the adventure-seeking, life-enduring explorers who realise it is important to get away, every now and then, from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and discover the secrets of the amazing High Country.

The trail goes over three days and two nights through the Alpine National Park and links the two alpine villages of Falls Creek and Mount Hotham. It winds its way through snow gum woodlands and across grassy High Plains, over spectacular ridges that hold stunning views, and past historic huts that emanate with alpine history.

Naturally, FHAC is one of Victoria’s most iconic walks and is an achievable and fulfilling three-day hiking experience. It is accessible for hiking in green season, during November to April.

Both the Cope Hut campsite, which is complemented by the snow gums on the Bogong High Plains, and the Dibbins Hut campsite which is a snowgrass plain that lines the Cobungra River headwaters, are there for hikers to enjoy, however, a permit is required to camp at these sites.  

Local Mount Hotham resident Brenna Sharp said that the hike was a ‘great experience’ and it was good to get away from the distractions of television and social media.

“The experience was amazing! The hike is really remote and I felt as though we were the only ones out there until you got into camp at night,” Miss Sharp said.

“There are so many different terrains on this hike. You go from ridge lines to valleys, from forests to open High Plains and from rivers to lakes, even within the same day.

“You can also experience seeing wildlife like wallabies, native birds and even wild brumbies when you walk the High Plains and surrounding hills.

“I thought the High Plains would just be flat and boring, but there is a lot to see and explore in the meadows.

“Rivers and bogs, small rocky outcrops filled with trees protrude from the landscape, you can climb the rocks to see views of the High Plains that stretch far and wide.

“High Country lakes are scattered across the plains also – a nice place to have lunch or a bit of a break.

“I would definitely recommend the hike. You can take your time and do it over a week if you want to relax, or some people run the whole course within a day! It’s a great experience,” she said.

For further information about the Falls to Hotham Alpine Crossing or to book a permit visit

14 February 2017