Mount Hotham

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Cool Summer Festival

Hello festival friends,

Well it is with heavy hearts that we let you know that the Cool Summer Festival will not be going ahead this year.

As all of you know, the area around Mt Hotham has been severely impacted by bushfires, and is still under threat as we speak. The bushfire is now 10,000 hectares in size and is still out of control. The area that it has now moved into (across the Great Alpine Road) is very hard for fire fighting crews to access and there is a likelihood that the area may continue to stay impacted by the fire for some weeks. The government run D.S.E has recommended that all upcoming events and activities in the area around Hotham are to be cancelled and all roads to the area are closed and unlikely to open for some time.

Over the last few days, the Cool Summer Crew have been working around the clock to try and implement a contingency plan, which would involve relocating the festival off the mountain. Despite all our efforts, this will not be possible due to the number of legal requirements and safety measures that would need to be in place.

It is also not possible to postpone the festival for the reasons listed above. As you all know, Cool Summer Festival is a community festival that is financed and run by members of the local Hotham community. Each year, small local businesses on Hotham take a great financial risk in bringing this magical little festival to life. We do it because we love it and we hope that next year we can gain the required support needed to get the festival up and running again. 

We were absolutely stoked with the line-up and the wonderful market and activities we had planned for this year – such a shame but when Mother Nature makes a decision, she is definitely the boss!

We know you will all be terribly disappointed – thanks for your support and let’s make sure we band together to get the festival on its feet in 2014. For those who have purchased tickets already, thank you and we will be in contact soon regarding refunds. We appreciate your patience with this as we are still dealing with fires at this moment.

You can still purchase the merchandise for the 2013 event - stubby holders and t-shirts are available to purchase through the following link:    

Lots of love and a few tears,

The Cool Summer Crew

13 February 2013