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Bushfire Preparation

Bushfire Preparation

Mount Hotham is a unique mountain which nurtures an abundance of alpine flora and fauna.  If you are one of the lucky people who call Mount Hotham your home, then you know that fire preparation is paramount to the protection of our diverse environment and lifestyle.

The green season draws curiosity from visitors far and wide with its it flamboyant pastures and waves of green alpine bushes and plants. Walking tracks wind their way past snow gums and open grassy High Plains, which find their way to rivers and other waterways. Hotham alpine village boasts with 360-degree scenic views, luxury apartments, cosy lodges and businesses; some of which are nestled amongst bushes and alpine shrub.

To be sure to continue protecting our natural museum and our lifestyle from the detrimental elements of bushfires, please take seriously the importance of fire preparation.

As members of Mount Hotham community, we all have a part to play in ensuring that our buildings are accessible and fire ready.

There are five basic obligations Mount Hotham residents have for fire risk preparation, which must be updated every year to ensure that our community reduces its risk of serious fire damage like in previous years:

  • Return an updated and current contact information form to MHARMB (attached here);
  • Update your individual Emergency Management and Evacuation Plans in consultation with the CFA;
  • Display evacuation plans clearly within the building;
  • Test your emergency alarms and confirm they are operational; and
  • Familiarise yourself with the MHARMB’s Emergency Management Plan 2015-2018, which is accessible on our website

Please inform us once you have completed these simple steps by sending an email to

MHARMB thanks you for doing your part to protect the community and wishes you a safe green season at Mount Hotham.

10 February 2017