Mount Hotham

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Mt Hotham Alpine Resort Update - 6pm

Friday 1st March 2013 ‚Äď 6pm

Harrietville ¬†‚Äď Alpine Fire Statistics:
                                       North             South
Fire Area:                       22000ha         14437 ha  
Fire Perimeter:                120 km          204 km
Control Lines built:        210 km           597 km
Line to be built:              2 km               14 km
Potential Spread:            High               High
Classification:               Contained     Contained

Resort Threat: ¬†Low ‚Äď NO current fire threat to Mt Hotham Village. ¬†
Conditions:       Rain and Mild.  Temperature: 6’c,   Humidity:  91%,
                           Wind: SSE at 38 km/h with gusts to 56 km/h.
Road Status:     Omeo Approach - 'Open to 'Hotham Village'.

                           Harrietville Approach - remains 'Closed'.    

Due to significant rail events, the 'Great Alpine Road' between Harrietville And Mt Hotham has been subject to major landslips in the fire effected areas.  The landslips have blocked entire sections of the road - both lanes. Clearing work by VicRoads has commenced.  Estimated re-opening remains unknown.
Attached Photos:  Road slippage and clearing activities - courtesy of VicRoads. 


Fire is current contained and benign weather conditions prevail.

Rainfall of 5mm at 'Mt Hotham' and 13mm at 'Dargo High Plains Rd / Kings Spur Track' since 9am yesterday.

Crews installing road closed signs and inspecting road and fire status subsequent to rainfall events.

Hazard tree assessment crew deployed to priority tracks.

FLIR aircraft have been unable to access fire area due to low visibility.

Rehabilitation and recovery activities initiated.




The 'Great Alpine Road' is closed between 'Harrietville' and 'Hotham Heights'.

'Dargo High Plains Road' is closed between 'Dargo' and 'Great Alpine Road'.

'Upper Dargo Road' is closed between 'Dargo' and 'Mathesons Track'.  




The following 'Road Update' was issued by VicRoads, North Eastern Region this afternoon.


"Works to clear the rubble are progressing on the slip 5 kilometres north from Harrietville which occurred on Wednesday 27 February 2013. The slip material is being carted down the mountain due to the gold mine below. Works on this will continue over the weekend.


An assessment of the damage to the structural integrity of the road at the slip site is currently underway by VicRoads’ Geotechnical Services. A clear understanding of the damage will be available Monday 4 March 2013.


At this stage it is our focus to clear a single lane for light vehicles to pass the slip site over the Labour Day long weekend, however this is subject to the structural integrity of the road being intact.


If it is safe to allow light traffic to pass the site, iron man barriers, which are approximately 1.5 metres high, will be placed on the verge and on the up slope side of the road at the slip site to allow one lane access pass the site under a traffic light arrangement, so delays should be expected. 


Heavy vehicles including coaches and cattle trucks will have to detour the slip site until the structural integrity can be reinstated to a point where heavy vehicles will be able to pass. It is expected that this will take several weeks at least.


VicRoads’ Eastern and North Eastern Transport Safety Services officers will coordinate escorts for the cattle trucks to access the markets in Gippsland via the Benambra-Corryong Road or the Bogong High Plains Road. Details of this arrangement will be communicated next week and directly with the freight industry.


All drains up to the slip have been cleared again, enabling water to drain away from the road. Drainage works beyond the slip will commence over the weekend once a path has been cleared.


The slip has exposed the root structure of two trees at the slip site adjacent to the road which will be felled tomorrow.


A subcontractor from Myrtleford will commence removing trees from up slope of the road from the Dargo High Plains Road progressing south from Monday 4 March. The lopped trees will be laid parallel to the road where they are felled to assist in holding back loose material at ground level and the remaining tree stumps will also assist in prevent material slipping towards the road.


Six trees fell overnight which have been removed. However there has been no further slippage at this stage."


VicRoads Update Issued by: Dina Jones , Regional Communications Officer - North Eastern Region.


Further information can be obtained by ringing the MHARMB Office on 03 57593550 or emailing;


 Andrew Lean
Media Liaison ‚Äď MHARMB

01 March 2013