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Valhalla Ski Club

The manager's role is run all aspects of the day to day operation of the lodge including meeting and greeting guests, cleaning, ensuring all facilities are in good working order, preparing the lodge for each day, including the entry is safe to walk on in the snow.

The manager is also required to liase with mountain operations including the RMB, mountain safety services and the club booking officer.

Valhalla provides a managers room with double bed in the lodge with an en-suite. Also there is a private fridge. The large kitchen is available as well.

The Lodge Manager must be on site daily and may not have other employment on the mountain during the season. 

The Lodge Manager is the face of the club during the season and at all times present the club in a positive manner.

We have a job description that can be forwarded to interested parties.


If interested please call to make enquires and forward an application with supporting documents to:

Terry Hogan

Director Valhalla Ski Club


Telephone: 0412364931